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In this comprehensive guide, we will take a deep dive into Facebook Ads Library, the tool developed by Facebook for transparency in advertising. From what it is to how it works and tips to make the best use of it, here’s everything you need to know.


From political campaigns to product launches, Facebook Ads have been a favorite among advertisers for years. However, with so much money being spent on political advertisements on social media platforms, especially in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, transparency has become a top concern for both consumers and policymakers. This is where the Facebook Ads Library comes in.

What is Facebook Ads Library?

The Facebook Ads Library is a public archive of all ads that run on Facebook, including Instagram and Messenger. Ads that are included in the library are ads with active campaigns, along with ads that have been recently discontinued.

Why is it important?

Facebook Ads Library is an essential tool to promote transparency in advertising for Facebook users. It provides a way to scrutinize and track ads, campaigns and advertisers in order to make better-informed decisions.

Understanding Facebook Ads Library

How to access it?

To access Facebook Ads Library, navigate to the Facebook Ad Library page and enter the Facebook page name/ID or keyword in the search bar.

Types of ads it includes

The Facebook Ads Library includes all ads that run on Facebook including Instagram ads, audio ads on Facebook, and any ad that contains a ‘paid for by’ disclaimer.

Advertisers it covers

The library covers all advertisers who run ads with ‘paid for by’ disclaimer, Facebook Page owners, and those who have run political or issue-related ads on Facebook.

Benefits of Facebook Ads Library

For advertisers

Facebook Ads Library provides advertisers with a wealth of information on competitors who are advertising on Facebook. Advertisers can copy winning ad content within their specific niche while also finding new ways to optimize their own ads.

For consumers

With Facebook Ads Library, consumers can see all of the ads their friends, family and public figures are running on Facebook and Instagram. It also provides transparency about the advertisements that they are exposed to.

For researchers/journalists

Facebook Ads Library is a valuable tool for researchers and journalists as it allows them to track political campaigns and efforts of thought leaders on various issues. It allows them to find newsworthy trends and insights to report on.

Limitations of Facebook Ads Library

Coverage issues

The Facebook Ads Library has some coverage issues since it only covers ads with a paid for by’ disclaimer and it may not cover all ads even with this disclaimer.

Technical glitches

There can be some technical glitches with Facebook Ads Library as it may not show data clearly or show data from the wrong date range.

Lack of context

The Facebook Ads Library doesn’t contain any context or analysis of the ads and the way they are targeted, making it difficult to understand the impact that ads have on specific audiences.

How to Make Use of Facebook Ads Library

Tracking competitors’ ads

Facebook Ads Library is a great way to keep tabs on your competitors. Identify your competitors, search for their pages in the Facebook Ads Library search bar, and study the ads that they are running.

Creating a library of your own

Facebook Ads Library is a valuable tool for advertisers who want to keep a track of their own ads as well as those of their competitors. It can aid advertisers in producing better, more targeted ads.

Researching for a story/report

For journalists and researchers, Facebook Ads Library can help them in finding newsworthy trends and insights by offering them a glimpse into different political campaigns and efforts of thought leaders.

Best Practices for Facebook Ads Library

Tips for tracking ads efficiently

Set up notifications for certain pages or ads to get notified when new ads are launched. This can also help you keep tabs on what your competitors are doing.

How to use filters to refine results

To refine results, you can use filters, including country, region, keyword, and date range.

Analyzing metrics for better insights

Make sure to track the metrics for each ad, such as likes, comments, and shares. Use this data to increase your engagement rate.

Case Studies

Successful ads that were tracked using Facebook Ads Library

In the promotion of Avengers Endgame movie, Marvel Studios used Facebook Ads to promote the trailer. With the help of Facebook Ads Library, it was seen that the ad campaign enabled Marvel to target genders and ages effectively.

Examples of ads that faced criticism and were pulled down

Facebook Ads Library has faced criticism for failing to capture ads that promote hate-speech, violence and misinformation on platforms. It was noted in late 2019 that a political group affiliated with Trump was running an anti-Impeachment ad that contained misleading information. This ad was seen by millions before it was taken down by Facebook.

Alternatives to Facebook Ads Library

Ad Intelligence Tools

Ad intelligence tools like Adbeat and BuiltWith can help users track the most successful ads across various platforms.

Other platforms’ Ad Libraries

Other social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn also maintain ad libraries to promote transparency in their ads.

Manual research

As with all things online, not everything is captured by technology. Manual research can also help in finding ads that are not available in the Facebook Ads Library.

Tips for Advertisers Using Facebook Ads Library

Transparency and authenticity

In light of Facebook’s recent scandals, it is essential to make sure that your ads are transparent and authentic. Give the advertiser name, website, and company address wherever possible.

Clever usage of competitive intelligence

Facebook Ads Library can be a great tool for advertisers to drive conversions. Use the data found in ad campaigns that are already successful and learn from their techniques.

Staying compliant with Facebook’s ad policies

Check Facebook’s ad policies to avoid your ads from getting flagged and taken down.

Ad Library FAQ

What information is available in Facebook Ads Library?

The Facebook Ads Library provides information such as ad delivery, the spend amount, impressions, and the target audience.

Which countries is it available in?

The Facebook Ads Library is available in more than 83 countries, including Australia, Canada, France, and Singapore.

Do advertisers have a say in their ads being included?

Advertisers don’t have a say in whether or not their ads get included in the Facebook Ads Library. However, they can request their ads to be removed by Facebook.

Can I report any ads?

Yes, you can report any ads on Facebook using the Report Ad button.

How accurate is Facebook Ads Library data?

The data provided by Facebook Ads Library is as accurate as it can be. However, it’s important to note that Facebook may not track all the ads that run on the platform.


Facebook Ads Library is a powerful tool that provides transparency and helps to make advertising more trustworthy. Whether you are a consumer, researcher, or advertiser, this guide has equipped you with the knowledge to better understand and utilize the tool.


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